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✏ Toppled version 1.4!

Version 1.4 brings with it quite a big change to the game! For those in a rush, here’s a quick overview:

Introducing CLUES!

The game now includes a new clue button. Every three words used in the wall a new clue will be unlocked for players to use if they want to.

Pressing the clue button will reveal the next letter in a specific golden word. The position of the letter is revealed in the top right hand corner of the letter, and each letter in that golden word will have an underline.

Each clue comes at a cost of 25 points.

Why have clues been introduced?

One major bit of feedback I’ve received about the game is that attempting to get the golden words is slightly like rolling a dice each time. In some ways this is quite a good challenge and some players quite like that aspect, however, for others it can be quite frustrating just continually guessing and guessing more words.

This has certainly presented quite the challenge and it’s something I’ve gone back and forth with over the past couple of weeks.

On the one hand I needed a solution that gave players a helping hand, but without making it too easy to find the golden words as to remove the challenge completely.

I think this solution solves the problem: hints are there for those who want to use them. If players don’t want to use the hints they simply don’t have to!

Scoring updates:

Adding hints to the golden words meant that there needed to be a slight update to the scoring too:

I’m excited to release these new changes to the game and would love to hear any feedback, good or bad, via email to: hello@bythomas.co.uk