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Welcome to Toppled!

Your goal is to make 4 valid five-letter words from the letters in the wall.

Let's play a quick practice game to cover the basics of how to play. Click Let's go to start.

End this tutorial game at any point by tapping the End Tutorial button above.

1. Your first word

To make a word, tap the letters in the wall and hit the submit button.

If you make a mistake, just tap a letter to remove it or use the Del button.

You can usually create any five letter word but for this example let's create the word PARTY.

2. Create a draft

Great work! PARTY has been added to the wall!

If you want to experiment with words before submitting them, you can use the ✏️ button.

Try spelling STOOD and then tap the ✏️ button instead of Submit.

3. Add more words

Well done! The word STOOD has now been sorted to the top. The ✏️ button means you can sort words before submitting them.

Let's now submit the words: STOOD and STEEL to the wall.

4. Oh no!

When the letters turn red it means there are no valid words remaining in the wall.

When this happens you'll have to delete one or more words. (You can delete words at any time during the game).

Delete a word by tapping it twice, try it with the word STEEL.

5. Golden Words

Each wall contains four bonus golden words. You don't have to find them but they're worth more points!

To help you find them, the starting letter of each golden word is highlighted gold.

Try adding the word SOLVE to the wall

6. Clues

Look at that! You found a golden word!

The game also has clues to help you find golden words. Every three words you add to the wall will unlock a new clue.

Try pressing the 1 Clue Available button

7. Clues

Because you used a clue, the second letter of a golden word has been revealed. Now you know that a golden word starts with GR_ _ _

Try adding the word GREAT

8. You've done it!

You've found four valid words and can now press the button to Topple the wall.

OR you can delete PARTY and STOOD (by double tapping each) and then try to find the 2 remaining golden words.

NOTE: There are multiple solutions to every wall and you don't have to find the golden words.

You've found four valid words!

Press the Topple The Wall button below to end the game or delete a word to keep playing.

You Toppled the wall with:

All guesses:

No words used so far.
* Contains letters from more than one golden word
Attempts: 0
Total words used: 0
Possible words remaining:
If you end the game now you'll lose your streak.
Are you sure you want to end the game?


Hard Mode Removes draft function
Extra Clues Correctly placed golden letters are shown in the All Guesses list
Show Scoring Add a score to your game
Dark Mode Turn out the lights
Archive Mode Play previous games of Toppled

Each emoji shows you an action you took during the game.

For example: each 🟩 represents a valid word added to the wall, each worth 25 points.

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How to play Toppled Close X

Every day you'll see a different wall of letters like this:


Your goal is to use these letters to make 4 valid five-letter words.

Every wall has multiple solutions. You can use any words you like, as long as they're a valid five-letter word.

To make a word: tap any 5 letters and hit the submit button.


If your word is valid it turns green and the letters are removed from the wall.


Make another guess using the letters remaining and continue until you Topple the wall.

Pressing the ✏️ button will move your letters to the top of the wall. This is so you can try words out before submitting them.

If the letters turn red: you can't make any valid words from the remaining letters.


Tap a guess twice to delete a word and add the letters back in.

Every wall is built using four golden words!


To help get you started, the first letter of each golden word is highlighted in gold.

You don't have to find the golden words to topple the wall.

Every third word you guess will unlock a clue!


Every time you press the Clue Available button the next letter in a golden word will be revealed.

In the wall above 2 clues have been used and we now know a golden word has the 1st letter: S, 2nd letter: O, and 3rd Letter: L.

Toppled also has some extra game settings. Click the ⚙️ icon to open the settings.

Hard Mode: Removes the ✏️ Draft setting and adds a 💎 to your results.

Extra Clues: if any of the letters within your guess match the position of letters within a golden word they will be highlighted in the All Guesses section.

Show Scoring: Adds a scoring element to the game allowing you to keep track of your score throughout the week

Dark Mode: Turn out the lights

Archive Mode: Play old games from the archive, can you beat them all?

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Learn How to Play

Your goal is to Topple the wall by finding four valid five-letter words. To learn more about the game:

Development Section:

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Latest Updates:

Version 2

You can now play old games by enabling ARCHIVE MODE in the Settings. Plus, there's a new practice game for people to learn how to play.

  • Practice game added to help teach new players how to play.
  • Enable Archive Mode via the ⚙️ Menu
  • Archive Mode allows players to play old games from the day the game was launched.
  • The archive also allows players to go back and see how they scored on each day.
  • From now on any daily games played will automatically be logged in the archive.

Version 1.5.1

To go along with the new draft feature you can now enable SUPER CLUE MODE. Points are now an optional extra you can switch on. And finally: DARK MODE!

  • A new SUPER CLUE setting has been added.
  • When enabled, correctly placed golden letters will be highlighted in the words within the All Guesses list.
  • If you enable the super clue setting a 💡 will be added to the end emoji wall
  • Players who don't use super clues will see a different emoji for golden words
  • Points have now been hidden by default.
  • If you want to play with points, simply enable the "SHOW SCORING" option in the settings.
  • You can now enable DARK MODE in the settings

Version 1.5

Test out your words BEFORE submitting them with the new ✏️ draft feature PLUS: Hard Mode!

  • When selecting letters from the wall you'll now notice a new ✏️ button.
  • Pressing the ✏️ button will move your selected word to the top of the wall.
  • This DOESN'T submit your word to the wall, instead it allows you to try out words BEFORE submitting them.
  • If you want to play without this feature you can enable HARD MODE.
  • Click the ⚙️ icon to open the settings and flick the hard mode switch.
  • Playing a full game on hard mode will add a 💎 to the emoji wall at the end.

Version 1.4.4

You can now transfer your stats to a new device or back them up

  • At the end of each day's game there's now a button to "Export stats"
  • When you export your stats you'll get a unique link
  • You need to open this link on your new device and click the "Import stats" button
  • Save this link to a document or email to keep a backup of your stats
  • Visit the Export Stats page at any time to export your stats and back them up

Version 1.4.3

A change to the end score screen and a new YouTube Channel!

  • The title at the end of the game now reflects how well you've done overall. (Excellent / Outstanding / Splendid etc.)
  • Subscribe over on YouTube for some daily Toppled videos!

Version 1.4.2

This update brings a new confirmation screen before toppling the wall. There are times when players may have found three golden words only to make a final guess that's valid but not golden! With the new confirmation screen, players can now choose whether or not to end the game.

  • You can now choose whether to topple the wall or keep playing once you've found four valid words

Version 1.4.1

This small update hopefully makes the scoring and score screen easier to understand.

  • The score screen now uses the emoji log of how you played to explain your score.
  • Added a new animation of toppling letters when you Topple the wall!
  • This update also fixes some bugs

Version 1.4

Introducing: CLUES!

  • There's now a new clue button to help you work out the golden words.
  • A new clue is unlocked for every three words used in the wall.
  • Using a clue will reveal the next letter in a golden word. The position of each letter is shown in the top right hand corner.
  • Each clue costs 25 points to use
  • Because golden words now have clues, the scoring has changed. Once you go above 4 guessed words, 5 points per word will be deducted
  • Failed attempts now deduct 10 points per attempt.
  • Each word is now worth 25 points.
  • The bonus for toppling the wall in 4 words is now 400 points.
  • You can now no longer delete a golden word once it's in the wall.

Version 1.3

Welcome to all the new players and a big thank you to Rangsk for shouting out the game. This update brings with it some lovely new features listed below:

  • By popular demand... Removed all plurals from the golden words list (effective 21/03)
  • The score section now includes an emoji representation of the day's game
  • Added an "All Guesses" section to show all previously guessed words
  • Updated the "Share Results" text to include the emojis
  • You can now share your results if you end the game early
  • Fixed a golden word bug that resulted in a negative score
  • Added this notification window for updates!
  • This update may have happened while you were playing, if you notice anything weird just delete your guesses and refresh the page.

Version 1.2

This latest version brings a major update to the golden words! Here's the full list of updates:

  • Golden words are now chosen from a more curated list and should be easier to find
  • Added a splash screen
  • Reworked the instructions screen to be more intuitive