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✏ Toppled v1.3 - Welcome new players!

Version 1.3 of the Toppled word game brings with it some exciting updates!

First of all I’d like to say a big thank you to Rangsk for featuring Toppled on his YouTube and TikTok channels, it’s brought a whole host of new players and I’d like to welcome everyone who’s now playing my litte game!

Secondly I’d like to point out that the game is still being developed! It’s something I’ve put together as a hobby and I’m constantly updating things and looking for feedback. If you’re a new player and have some ideas just let me know via email at: hello@bythomas.co.uk

Thirdly… with so many new players I’m finding it trick to know when to update the game without messing up games that are currently in play. I’m trying my best but if you suddenly notice something strange happening with your game then it may be because of an update. In this case your best bet is to delete all your guesses and reload the game.

On to the updates!

The Golden Word list has changed again!

One main bit of feedback from Rangsk featuring the game was that plurals were a bit of a no-no. It put a few people off and in truth it made the Golden words even harder to find. So I’ve now removed them!

An emoji representation of the day's game!

When you complete the game you’ll now get an emoji representation of how you played it within the stats screen:

You’ll see a combination of these emoojis depending on how you played the game, the words you used, and whether or not you Toppled the wall.

An All Guesses section!

At the bottom of the game window you’ll now see all the words you’ve guessed. Useful for keeping track of all those attempts at finding the golden words.


If you ever see the 🎁 emoji - click the present to see the latest update or notification from me. This will only be displayed if there’s a new update and once you click the present it will disappear until the next update.

Other fixes

The other fixes are mostly small little quality of life updates and bug fixes.

Thank you again for everyone who's played the game so far. I really appreciate it and stay tuned for more updates!