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✏ Introducing: Toppled! A daily word wall.

I love playing word games.

I love crosswords, Countdown, anagrams, answer smash on Richard Osman’s house of games, the missing vowels round on Only Connect, and of course: Wordle.

A few months back I started to wonder whether I could create my own little daily word game, a personal challenge if you like.

What I’ve come up with is: Toppled! A daily word wall.

How to play a Toppled game:

Honestly, the best way to learn is by playing a game!

Every day there’s a new wall to try and Topple.

To Topple the wall you need to create four five-letter words using the letters provided in the wall.

Your goal is to try and Topple the wall in as few tries as possible.

Fewer tries and words = a higher score!

Deleting a guessed word:

You can delete a guessed word at any point by tapping it, and then tapping delete.

Golden words!

Every wall is built using four golden words.

Each golden word you find is worth 100 points.

To help you find the golden words, the starting letter of each is highlighted in the wall.


The aim is to get as many points as possible.

If you solve the wall in 1 Try using 4 Words this is a perfect Topple and you’ll get a bonus of 100 points.

The number of attempts and words used will be added together and used to calculate the daily solved wall score. The further you are from a perfect Topple, the lower your solved wall score wil be.

Every golden word is worth 100 points! Find all four golden words and you’ll get a whopping 400 points.

Finally, there’s the streak bonus. Keep up your streak and you’ll get 50 points.

Note: I'm still testing the game out!

If you notice anything strange or if something isn’t working as it should just email me: hello@bythomas.co.uk